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  1. Either the ability to filter the notes in the Pinned Notes Edit view, or the ability to Pin a Note while the note is open. When you have a lot of notes, it's hard to locate those you want to pin. Also, nice to be able to unpin a note by right clicking on it or in the note view. I collaborate with another business also using Evernote Business, and it would be lovely to share a space with them. They can see the notebooks, but have to create their own space, so my pinning a note doesn't pin it for them.
  2. My Admin page indicates the beta is available. In Preferences (Mac app) Software Update, Update to beta versions when available is checked. I've updated as of 15 minutes ago. I don't see the ability to create spaces anywhere. Not in sidebar as in video and don't see a way to add it. Not under File or any other menu. What am I missing?
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