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  1. I love referencing similar notes as well. However, this Beta is NOT WORKING the way I would expect. If you create an 'internal link', I would expect it to open the link in a new INTERNAL Evernote window. Instead it opens in a web browser.
  2. I also tried the Evernote shortcut "Ctrl+Q" only to find that it closed a 4GB file transfer window when it was 80% done. I mistakenly thought I had 'focus' on the Evernote window and it 'Quit' the file tranfer which did have focus. Maddening. Turns out "Ctrl+Q" is a common keyboard shortcut for many applications and most of them quit, close or exit their program. (Yes, I should have known that might happen because I knew it was a shortcut to 'Quit' in most programs, but had a lapse in judgement in not making sure Evernote had focus.) Don't you just love standards? There are so many o
  3. I was really starting to hate the "Quick" or "Real Time" search feature but just before I posted a complaint, I had one more look at the options. No option to turn it off, BUT THEN - I noticed something I skipped over and that is the "Search as you type delay". Set that to 10,000 ms, (10 secs), and that is as good as disabling. Yeah, now I don't have to wait every time I type three characters while Evernote searches through the thousands of notes and GB of data looking for, compiling and displaying a long list of notes that have the 3 characters I typed. Wish I had realized this months ago.
  4. How to get Evernote Webclipper in Brave browser, (with better than nothing functionality). From the Brave browser, go to https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/evernote-web-clipper/pioclpoplcdbaefihamjohnefbikjilc Install/Add to Chrome (upper right corner) Restart Brave and reload page if already opened. Highlight the article to clip. (I tried to clip the whole page and got a blank page in Evernote, but some web pages are like that in Firefox as well). Click on Evernote icon - to the right of the address bar. Important update: I got this working for exact
  5. As of today, I can no longer revert to the previous version of GMail and so now can no longer clip email from gmail. I updated to the latest Evernote and I'm using Firefox 60.0.1. (Also upgraded to Firefox 61.0.2 and the latest WebClipper; 6.13.2 from seven months ago: 2018-01-17; still no joy. ) So as far as I understand, Evernote can no longer clip gmail using Safari nor Firefox. (Chrome works with 7.4.2 webclipper update, yeah!) Please give us an update and at least say you are working on a fix. Thanks.
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