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  1. I also tried the Evernote shortcut "Ctrl+Q" only to find that it closed a 4GB file transfer window when it was 80% done. I mistakenly thought I had 'focus' on the Evernote window and it 'Quit' the file tranfer which did have focus. Maddening. Turns out "Ctrl+Q" is a common keyboard shortcut for many applications and most of them quit, close or exit their program. (Yes, I should have known that might happen because I knew it was a shortcut to 'Quit' in most programs, but had a lapse in judgement in not making sure Evernote had focus.) Don't you just love standards? There are so many of them! (Oxymoron). See: https://defkey.com/what-means/ctrl-q
  2. I was really starting to hate the "Quick" or "Real Time" search feature but just before I posted a complaint, I had one more look at the options. No option to turn it off, BUT THEN - I noticed something I skipped over and that is the "Search as you type delay". Set that to 10,000 ms, (10 secs), and that is as good as disabling. Yeah, now I don't have to wait every time I type three characters while Evernote searches through the thousands of notes and GB of data looking for, compiling and displaying a long list of notes that have the 3 characters I typed. Wish I had realized this months ago. If the folks at Evernote have not mentioned this, increasing the delay would be a good 'tip' to add to "Finding things faster" for people with a lot of notes.
  3. How to get Evernote Webclipper in Brave browser, (with better than nothing functionality). From the Brave browser, go to https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/evernote-web-clipper/pioclpoplcdbaefihamjohnefbikjilc Install/Add to Chrome (upper right corner) Restart Brave and reload page if already opened. Highlight the article to clip. (I tried to clip the whole page and got a blank page in Evernote, but some web pages are like that in Firefox as well). Click on Evernote icon - to the right of the address bar. Important update: I got this working for exactly one time. Then I logged into Evernote and had Evernote remember my login and password. Then Evernote Web Clipper quit working. It would flash a brief message about cookies followed by another message: "Evernote Web Clipper uses cookies to identify your account. Check your browser setting to make sure third-party cookies are accepted from Evernote." The Brave browser settings were already set to "Accept all cookies". I then went to Brave-Settings-Clear Browsing Data-Time Range-All Time: and after I checked everything; cleared everything. I then went to Brave-Settings-Site Settings-Cookies-Allow: and added [*.]evernote.com to the list of allowed sites for cookies This once again got Evernote Web Clipper to work. This time it even worked on clipping the 'Article' instead of just highlighted text.
  4. As of today, I can no longer revert to the previous version of GMail and so now can no longer clip email from gmail. I updated to the latest Evernote and I'm using Firefox 60.0.1. (Also upgraded to Firefox 61.0.2 and the latest WebClipper; 6.13.2 from seven months ago: 2018-01-17; still no joy. ) So as far as I understand, Evernote can no longer clip gmail using Safari nor Firefox. (Chrome works with 7.4.2 webclipper update, yeah!) Please give us an update and at least say you are working on a fix. Thanks.
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