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  1. Well first let me describe my usecase, I use evernote for both personal use and work use. When I use it for work use, I ensure that I use "local notebooks", so no content gets pushed into evernotes servers. I would like to tag these notes, and have the tags (which may contain work specific keywords) also stay local. I guess I'm more security conscious than most, and maybe it's not something that most people would like, but it's holding me back from being able to tag my work-based notebooks. It's being discussed before, the 2nd post in that thread in my exact use case: How "local
  2. I'll agree with everyone else here, and request that the "New Note" in the left panel never makes it into the GA release of 6.9.x. There's no need for it, and it overcrowds an already busy left panel. On another note, is it not about time we got "local tags", to go along with "local notebooks"??? Have a look in your Tools->Options->Shortcut keys, on my setup the shortcut for a new note, will automatically open it in a new window (CTRL + ALT + N), while (CTRL + N) will open it inside the Evernote window.
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