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  1. Thanks for the suggestion, DTLow. But that made no difference. I also recreated the full text search index again. The search still doesn't work for me. And I see more and more users reporting the problem. It's now become a deal-breaker. I haven't seen much response from the Evernote team, which is discouraging. I simply don't have time to keep troubleshooting a problem that, imo, should be addressed in a better way than what I'm seeing. It's too bad too. I used to depend on Evernote pretty much daily. But I'm off to search for a replacement. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions.
  2. I appreciate the suggestion to rebuild the search index. I see that in several threads regarding the search function. However, just so the Evernote team knows, that doesn't work for everyone. I've rebuilt the search index several times and my Evernote still returns zero results on most searches. And I've read that I'm not the only one. Search works like a charm on my iPad, but not on my iMac or MacBook Pro .
  3. I've done that several times, on both of my computers. For some reason it doesn't fix the problem for me and some other users. BTW, thanks for the password manager advice. I'll definitely check that out.
  4. I figure more information is better: The search problem in the Mac app isn't consistent. I have a notebook titled "Misc." Along with many other notes in this notebook I have one titled "Passwords" in which I keep all of my passwords - dozens and dozens. This just happened -- I did a search for the term Facebook. That term is in several notes which are in several different notebooks. The term was NOT highlighted in my Passwords note but it was highlighted in the other notes where it appeared. I then did a search for "BAS" (the initials of the company I work for) and it WAS highli
  5. Well, with 22,333 posts compared to my 4 (), I think I'll retract my earlier reply and agree that posting it in the version specific thread, as you suggest, makes sense.
  6. I did a little research this morning. Starting with version 6.13.1 (and continuing into 6.13.3)... The search in the Mac app is completely broken. The online app correctly highlights the search term but it doesn't go to the first one - you have to scroll and look for the highlight(s) - which for me is not a deal breaker, as long as I know how many instances of the search term there are. The iPad app appears to work correctly. The search terms are highlighted and it goes to the first one. This is how the Mac app worked before 6.13.1. I'm not going to move away from Evernote
  7. Except this search problem was introduced in version 6.13.1.
  8. After upgrading to 6.13.1, as others have described, the search function doesn't work... at all. I've done the "Recreate Full Text Search Index" routine several times, yet when I try to search for something, nothing is returned. And I know what I'm looking for is there. I love Evernote! I've really come to depend on it over the years. But until this is fixed, it's useless to me.
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