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  1. Good day CalS & Dave-in-Decatur! Thank you for replying. But I tried those methods except rebooting my machine, it still not working though. I found the solution mate (windows user only). If you don't want to restart your machine, like me, you can totally end the process tree using windows task manager. Right now, I'm already seeing the preview! Thank you again guys!
  2. Sorry, my bad. Let's say I want to screenshot this: I captured it using Clip screenshot, but when I try to view it in evernote: What I'm trying to do is to cut/copy it then paste it my lecture notes like this for example: but I'm seeing it like this: Do I need to reboot my machine or something like reinstall? I don't have the budget to bill a premium subscription
  3. I'm very disappointed and frustrated about this I tried a thing or two on the community forum but nothing works. But it is displayable when saved as png in windows. But when trying to import it again on evernote it is still the same. Thank you for those who'll help <3
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