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  1. XXL-THX, this workaround (own anchors) sounds well ...
  2. I know how to create links to a note. But if you have long notes, it would be very helpful if you could link to a specific position within a note. Does anyone have an idea? 😀 THX+
  3. I have to remove my last post: 6.14 fixed the 6.13.2-Launch-Sync-Crash-Problem (at least on my system).
  4. Also the version 6.14 crashed after launch (also like version 6.13.2). Please fixed asap.
  5. PLEASE HELP URGENT! SORRY: 6.13.2 (455921 Direkt) on Mac CRASHES AGAIN directly after StartUP. I´m now about 1week without access to Evernote due to that issue I hope such fixing is now immediately done. !!! ???
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