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  1. I second that, it seems out of place. You can downgrade like I did until it gets changed.
  2. UPDATE: Found another bug: attachments are blurry. Also, some more info on the disappearing rules bug: When copying the note from Evernote to something else (e.g. Microsoft Word), all the rules appear normally...while in Evernote it either skips every other rule or just makes them disappear in some other wacky way. Here's an example of an Evernote note with multiple rules in succession in Evernote vs. in Word: vs. As you can see, there are half as many rules showing in Evernote as there actually should be. Zooming in & out (Ctrl +/-) randomly makes some rules appear and some disappear (no zoom vs. zoom in vs. zoom out): Another example of something completely random breaking rules - removing a picture can cause all the rules below it to disappear (tried it with the example note above but I've reached the photo upload limit). I do hope I'm at the right place to report all this instead of wasting more of my time and I truly hope it helps the Evernote team to pinpoint the problem. UPDATE #2: I downgraded to 6.7.5 and all page lines magically reappeared, attachments look fine again, annotation works again, and one other bug in the latest version I forgot to add: manual Spell Check (F7) is available again after disappearing for no reason in 6.8.7.
  3. Thank you for your comment. What you said about recognising strengths and weaknesses of any app can be very true at times, but then I think about all the apps I use that fit my needs perfectly and completely, so I don't think it excuses Evernote's flaws. I've grown accustomed to word processing in Evernote and I actually much prefer having one app that can cover all my lecture notes. I suppose it's clear that this can't be the case so I guess I'll start using good old Microsoft Word and copy-pasting the notes back to Evernote (unless that still breaks everything...in which case I'll go back to OneNote). I'm interested in what word processor you use in case I decide to do that. And thanks again for the reply!
  4. Almost all inserted pictures disappear randomly from my notes. Page lines ('rules') randomly decide to not show up sometimes, or only if I insert 2 lines before them. Font sizes throughout the whole note randomly undo to default after hours of work. Countless bugs related to bullet lists Images randomly decide to not want to annotate. I press the annotate icon and nothing happens. Images also reset to their original size after I do annotate them, or do anything to them really. Let me repeat the first one because I've lost hours of work due to this: almost all inserted pictures are disappearing randomly from my notes. Some of these have been present for a long while, but the most damaging appeared only since the latest update (namely 1, 2 and 5). Nothing much to say but this is unacceptable. (On another note, if anyone knows how to downgrade to the previous version that would be great.)
  5. I've kept my mouth shut, saying surely they'll get fixed in the next version. 3 versions later, it's just getting worse. I've lost hours of work or otherwise wasted time on just trying to work around bugs found in things way too simple to have any sort of bugs in them. I don't want to waste more of my life typing this so I'll just paste the ticket I sent. I'm keeping my hopes really low at this point. Has anyone else run into these bugs or am I alone here?
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