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  1. Could you please reintroduce the MacOS standard shortcut for paste-and-match-style [option-shift-command-v] for Evernote on Mac? I know that you support the (shorter) alternative [shift-command-v] — but I have many years of finger-muscle memory associated with pasting on a Mac, and it is continually unnerving to hit such a common keyboard shortcut and experience no response. cf. https://defkey.com/what-means/option-shift-command-v Thanks.
  2. When launching Presentation Mode, what could be causing a Note to consistently open, not at the top (title) of the Note, but scrolled down either to the second screen or to the very bottom?
  3. When opening a saved search in a new tab, the title of the tab shows the name of the notebook, or "All Notes" if the search is not limited to one notebook. See attached screen clip (v.6.13.1 for Mac) – the "All Notes" tab is active and you can see in the top-right that there is a search filter applied. (But you cannot tell this when the tab is not active.) I suggest the tab title should show the search/filter being applied. Even better (although not as simple) would be to show the name of the saved search when the filter is an identical match. -- Andrew
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