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  1. No need for an account. A non-Evernote user could see the link: click on it, then directly transferred to a web page that gives him the ability to change an add. There could be regular reminders of how good it is to participate in Evernote.. Ect.. There could be a specific page on Evernote to control SHARING, any note or notebook which is no longer needed for sharing can be cancelled.
  2. Now, I can share links to notes to ANYONE to VIEW it. But in editing, they must be Evernote users so I can share it with them. They need to open the Evernote platform using a regestered account to do so. I just recommend adding the ability to share editable links to anyone who doesn't have an account, in which a specific platform for non-users can work on. In this way, promoting Evernote would be easier. Marketing plus valuable idea to existing users.
  3. Iuse numbering feature for each note, in which the note I want to see first to be named "0. aaaa" Reminding functionality won't work for me, as I am using many reminders for in a one notebook.
  4. Simply, I want to have the feature of sticking a note, or multiple notes, on top of each notebook. Similar to the feature found on Google's Keep. It would help give an idea for the notebook purpose for example.
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