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  1. @Shane D. Also, just to be clear, the initial survey was fine. I'm only talking about what the icanmakeitbetter site has been asking.
  2. @Shane D. Thanks for the confirmation. You might provide the feedback that the questions posed so far feel either intrusive (asking for photos) or very "touchy-feely" (The "there's an app for that" posted above). I'd love to provide feedback on Evernote and other productivity enhancing features and sites, but I am not very inclined to spend my time on the kinds of questions that have been posed so far.
  3. I got that one too. At least the text has used the term "Evernote" for once... And today's question of the day: There is a saying you might have heard before: “There’s an app for that”. When it comes to personal or work aspects of your life, do you agree with this statement? Why or why not?
  4. I had the same experience as @MrKarst. After taking the survey, which asked questions that I would consider valid for an Evernote customer survey, I was told I was invited to a group to provide more feedback. That wasn't by email, so I don't have a record of the exact wording. But the icanmakeitbetter site so far has not had an iota of connection to Evernote. The first "question" was, tell us 5 fun facts about yourself. That's a "standard icebreaker" I've experienced with a number of training sessions I've been in, so I didn't think a lot about that. But the second one I got yesterday was, as I posted above, "a day in the life", about posting photos and images, and well, that's when I really started to wonder what this was all about.
  5. Here are the contents of the email: Share your feedback We’re always trying to make Evernote even better. In order to shape an experience that will help you work smarter, we need to hear from customers like you! We’re asking a group of individuals to share their thoughts as part of a panel of selected Evernote users. All you have to do is take a quick survey to get things started. If you qualify and participate in the panel, you’ll be eligible to earn rewards. Please take this initial survey by December 11. Your responses will be confidential and your input will be used to help make Evernote better. Begin survey Thanks for sharing your thoughts. And thanks, as always, for your support. -The Evernote Team The survey link's URL is: https://click.emails.evernote.com/?qs=b9b92965864b46c55556359fe13b5e601add76d2ccf7479892b884c942b43179a35a8540f17f83757610869c9bedf633650aad33e2461fc0 I am now getting emails to go to the icanmakeitbetter.com website to provide feedback, such as: Welcome to our community! Provide Feedback: 5 Fun Facts About You! You have been selected to participate in an Imagine Insights Community. A special group of people have qualified to chat with us online about an important topic. Your opinion on the topic will help inform the executives that will help shape future decisions made on this topic. To gain access onto the site listed below using your email address. Once you log in, you will be prompted to create a password in order to gain access to this private, Imagine Insights Community. Please log in as soon as possible. We have a fun activity waiting for you! Looking forward to seeing you online! Amelia Imagine Insights Moderator And today's email that triggered my suspicons was: Let's get started with a day in your life! Provide Feedback: Day in my Life We have our first official feedback activity for you. In ths activity we want to hear about the websites and apps that make your life easier. which had the task: First let’s start off with some pics. Take a few pictures of the different areas and spaces in your life where you interact with technology in some way. It could be websites, apps, etc. or hardware and it could be at your desk at home or the office, your kitchen counter or even in your car! Let’s see what you got! If you need to fuzz out personal details, that’s OK but please make sure the picture still captures the area as much as possible.
  6. I was recently contact to participate in a feedback group for Evernote via email, with the subject "We want to hear from you". I took a survey, administered by a company at a site named "icanmakeitbetter.com". I thought nothing of this at first... But the emails and site seem to have nothing to do with Evernote, so far. And don't even mention it. And the questions today made me sit back and wonder if this is legit, or if the original email was a phishing attempt. I'm glad I used a unique password for my account at this point... So, is this legit, or what?
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