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  1. I too have this problem, honesty I've been a big Evernote champion but since the update, it is the main source of frustration in my life atm. download.jfif
  2. Happening to me too. Trying all the above steps with no luck. Makes me want to cry. Spending hours trying to get Evernote to work and losing money in my business because I can't get at information, and get at my spreadsheets so I can lodge BAS's for clients. Just want to give up honestly. This is now my second afternoon with no work done and clients upset. I've recommended this program to them and they now pay a subscription for a service that is just not working and honestly just wasting time trying work around.
  3. Unfortunately it might come to this for me. It's the last thing I want to do but this is simply not usable.
  4. Same problem. I have loved and lived evernote for years and am a premium subscriber. I can get used to things changing although not having shortcuts along the top is driving me crazy but the speed, I just want to cry in frustration honestly. I am also having a huge amount of trouble with all my shared folders. At present I attempting to leave all shared folders and get them re shared with me.
  5. I can get to the new Evernote Web Experience screen but after closing that I get taken to a blank screen and no further. I've been trying to submit a ticket for 4 days but the submit button seems to be broken. I'm getting very frustrated with this. Also I'm getting a message that I've reached the limit of 100 templates???? I have about 12 templates. Please help
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