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  1. The ability to link notes together is neat, but there are some drawbacks (from a Windows Desktop perspective). I am using the application primarily to create Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, where each notebook is a specific quest, and each note within is an individual segment of the quest. There are a ton of spiderweb connections back and forth between notes, across separate notebooks. Creating links is a bit cumbersome, having to copy the internal link, navigate to the destination note, then embed the link in text. There is no "back" button, so I need to recall what note I was previously in and which notebook it exists in if I want to return. When you click a link, you are navigated to the linked note within the application, and the Viewing pane reverts to "All Notebooks" so there's easy way to link "topics," click the link, then see all related notes. I understand the tag feature, but this wouldn't accomplish what I am looking for, as the tags would become innumerable and impossible to manage/recall. I would like to be able to place a link in a note, and when I click on the link, be taken to that note (as it works in current state), but have the Viewing pane load all of the other notes within that notebook, so that I can see and navigate through all of the "topics" (quest segments) related to the note link I clicked. Features: Add a link (and tag?) navigation pane at the bottom of the note viewing pane/window, compiling a list of all notes linked to the note being viewedt in clickable form, along with a "back" button to return to the note I just came from (if that is how I got to the active note). Reciprocal note links - When Note A is linked to Note B, option to link Note B in Note A (somewhat like the function of linking stories in JIRA and other software development tools). Ability to create links to notebooks - when clicked, the Viewing tab would display the notes within that notebook, and perhaps load the first one on the list (or leave the active note open without loading a new one).
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