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  1. Ok...after letting it load for about 2 minutes (!) it finally opened. Very bad user experience.
  2. Android 11 on Pixel 5a. Ever since last update, the app hangs on opening and never gets anywhere. Forcing stop or restarting phone is of no use. Is there an APK of previous version I can side load? ETA: found and installed 10.18 and that works. 10.19 does not.
  3. Ditto - same issue here w/ web clipper. Tried all my usual hacks to no avail.
  4. Others, many many others, have experienced this. Duplicate copies for no reason (I reported back in August), inflated image sizes (see my thread) and the response I got was basically 'tough luck, you get what you pay for'.
  5. I always use Web Clipper in the same browser (chrome) on the same laptop - so no browser influence there. Both notes were clipped using Simplify (as noted), so shouldn't be any change there. And it's not just this note. Any other notes I clipped this month were much larger than they should have been, esp (or only?) those with images. The fact is, I'm not the only person running out of space quickly. I'm a "basic" user, so they probably don't care about me but paid users running into this surely will have issues with being forced to upgrade or leave. ETA: More test results In ENEX, the sizes are the same as previously noted. Tried another web clip - similar inflations. Original saved a few months ago the image sizes 75kb (old) vs 341kb (new) and 106kb (old) vs 735kb (new). The main difference I see (besides size) is that images are now saved as PNG vs JPG. I even tried this on my own website. The full-sized uploaded image is a 104kb JPG. What is clipped is a 604kb PNG. So, I was being generous when I said it seems sizes are 5x larger. It is often likely more. Thus this BUG/POOR DESIGN is eating up disk/server/alloted space.
  6. After running out of space (quickly!!), I did an experiment in another account: I had a clipped note (simplified article) from earlier in the year: clip size = 205kb I just now clipped the same article, simplified again: clip size = 995kb Almost 5x larger! I don't want to totally blow up my account, but this is nuts. I am suspecting any images are being clipped at inflated file sizes or *something*.
  7. Because it came up in thread w/ another user w/ same issue (but unlike me, they can contact support)... I had recently restarted laptop/browser, but did it again anyhow. As suspected, problem still exists. Seems to hang on the Sync. Don't want to keep trying because then w/ my luck will actually fill up my space w/ 30 copies of same clip.
  8. I reported/ran into the SAME issue today. So friggin' frustrating. IT'S A BUG. Credit us/fix the problem! (not you, them)
  9. So, I'm going along, clipping stuff and get error from web clipper that I've exceeded the limit for the month. I check and I have almost 22% (13.8M) space left for the month. What I was trying to clip was def under 1M. Having to wait 15 days for space to reset because of this bug is just the latest strike against EN. Using Chrome on Mac
  10. Nope. Same [home] connection as always. It doesn't seem like a connectivity issue. I just clip a few items, look at notes and then there are dozens (5-6 of each note). Been deleting duplicates, but having account fill up so early in a month is frustrating, to say the least.
  11. Just this week (since the new look?), 90% of the time when I create a new note using web clipper, the note duplicates upwards of 5-6x. So much so that I've used my quota for the month. In the past 8(?) years of using this, it hasn't happened before. It doesn't look like anything hangs, and yet... What's up?
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