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  1. Hi. Using Evernote for like 2 months. Loved everything so far. But I have 2 feature requests : One is already present here, that is, sort table contents alphabetically Second is to add a 'Hybrid Note' By Hybrid Note, I mean we can type texts as well as draw, write just like we can do in ink notes, in one type of 'Hybrid Notes' only. So, when I create a hybrid note, we can both type there as well as draw there, just like we can type in normal notes & we can draw in ink notes. Also, add a feature to convert a normal note into hybrid note, so that we can convert our existing normal notes into hybrid one and then we can draw in them. Just because of this missing feature, many users, including me, are swinging between Evernote & OneNote, because in OneNote, we can both type & draw in one note. If you add this feature, lots of people actually then just completely switch to Evernote, including me. Thanks!
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