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  1. This is the window that came up when I tried to log in. ............. Evernote Service is unavailable Possible reasons: We may be performing regular system maintenance (typically Wednesday evenings, US Pacific time) We may be experiencing unexpected problems that require a brief outage In either case, we are working to restore access to the Evernote Service as quickly as possible. ,......... Maybe this is why I'm having trouble. ? anyway I'm giving up for awhile it's too frustrating.
  2. So this is what I ended up doing. I logged out because the little green arrow showed that my notes uploaded but when I logged back in all my notes were gone but at least I both devices are listed now. Thanks DTLow for responding. My only question is where did my notes go?
  3. I am having the same problem, I got one device to register for my gt.n5110 but can't get the second device to register. I have the basic. So I logged in but nothing happened, I updated logged in and still it won't register my Motorola g4play android phone. It only shows the 5110 tablet. What am I doing wrong?
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