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  1. Ok, thanks for sharing In this situation, it's neither your fault, nor mine, I feel the elephant in the room here needs to be spoken I find it rather interesting yet comical, that everything was running just fine until I get a message from the developer of a program I'm using states it wants/needs to update, and only after do the problems seem to arise The equation I'm having a hard time understanding is I update to improve performance, only to have to go into back-end programming and revising of operating system functions, to remedy the issue that was a lack of diligence by dev
  2. I didn't even know about that, thanks for sharing I just went there now, but for some reason the Gotham font isn't even showing up here? Do you think that could be part of the problem? If so, where do I find and how do I add it?
  3. Oh, I see, I upgraded my OS to Sierra (I'm running a Mac obviously) but that was some time ago, maybe 2-3 months ago, and haven't had any font issues at all until I upgraded my Evernote to the most recent version I use MS Office some, I'll actually test it out now and see if I can duplicate it in MS Office Basically, from the link you sent me (and thanks for sending), is the same issue I'm having, where the font is in Gotham, shows Gotham at the top of Evernote, but it's actually a Gotham bold font even though the "bold" button at the top isn't selected Funny you mention that ab
  4. See, you have a very good point and you're right But the problem here isn't me upgrading when a company releases an update that's supposed to be an "improvement", the problem here is that they're adding issues to fix and resolving, so I feel the responsibility is on them, not for me to have to decide if a company has done their due diligence and quality control to make sure what they distribute is actually functional I'm just going to stop upgrading from now on I know sometimes they make improvements with the UI, make dashboard controls a little more organized, etc, I was reall
  5. I don't recall the version it was before, it only started doing it when it popped up to upgrade it to the new version 7.0.2 I'm not going to update from now on, all it does is just seem to create more problems Really frustrating
  6. Glad I'm not the only one Yes, it does seem to do that too I noticed it does something new now, when I try to change it to the font as the rest of my text within that note, it randomly moves the cursor up 7 or 8 lines so I have to scroll back down to the line I was trying to fix in the first place
  7. I'm using version 7.0.2 What about you? See attached for screenshot of the bullet button I'm clicking, and my new note I just typed where it's doing the same thing
  8. I just updated to the newest version per the update message that came up upon launching Evernote. I can type text as normal, but as soon as I click the "make bullet" button, any text after that automatically becomes a "bold" font and I have to change it back, does anyone else notice this is happening too? It's really annoying to have to keep going back and manually adjusting the fonts to what I want them to be, I don't need Evernote, like Apple now, to do what it thinks I want to do, if I want a change, I'll manually do it, so frustrating all these "auto" features. I wish Everno
  9. What I don't get is that you'd expect all these incessant updates to actually be improvements. There seems to be a recurring problem here and pattern, dating not just a few weeks with Evernote but years. You put out an update, the device notifies the user, so naturally a person updates it thinking the update is to be an improvement than the current version, but you fix (1) feature to only create problems with (3) more... It's like every update, not just a few, you guys keep taking one step forward and three steps back. I don't understand how small things can be missed.
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