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  1. No that's not the case. I had already logged out of everything and I've managed to login in web Evernote just now.
  2. My case is exactly like this old post, i've just upgraded to a new samsung phone. I can login from the windows app and browser. I'm writing the 2FA code correctly. The app version is 8.9 and is up to date. If i click on "In need help getting a verification code", just to try it, the app says: "Authentication Failure: Login session expired...". I've tried uninstalling and cleaning the data and cache already. What should i do?
  3. I don't see why people would complain about not seeing a desktop shortcut after updates. If it was there already, it will stay there, if it wasn't there, it won't be even after. A desktop shortcut should only be added on first install. What i really dislike is maintenance. Evernote is the only program in my PC that does this, why don't the others do it? It is the only program that after an update requires me additional maintenance to keep my PC tidy. Yes i would agree to a vote.
  4. Especially during an update. I don't want a shortcut on my desktop, and neither in my start menu, as i've got evernote pinned to my taskbar, a shortcut anywhere else is wasted space that makes my pc more messy. So to recap: An option to decide whether or not to install a shortcut on the desktop and in the start menu. During a program update, do not recreate the shortcuts (because if they are not there, they have been manually deleted).
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