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  1. I disagree that this is a "nice to have" feature...it's a basic function of every note-taking or word-processing app I've ever used. The word "note" is in the name of the product. I just made a pretty complicated numbered list using this simple text editor I'm typing in right now, going 4 levels deep and adding/removing lines throughout the list, and it performs better than the Evernote client. Is that irony? Maybe Evernote can just this editor instead.
  2. It's not just the Web app where this problem occurs. I use the native Mac app, and it's a consistent and persistent issue. The problem seems to be that Evernote doesn't know how to count.
  3. This problem has plagued me for years, and has been reported multiple times to Evernote in these forums, and I've yet to even see a response from anyone at the company. It's extremely frustrating, but seems to be a problem that Evernote neither cares to acknowledge or is determined to fix. It's not rocket science...I use any number of other note or word processing apps, and those apps seem capable of counting from 1 to 10 (or whatever number of items in my lists). When it's real bad (and with anything approaching a complex list, there's a better than 80% chance that it will happen), it gives me that, "Why am I paying for this again?" feeling... Do better, Evernote (if you're even listening).
  4. Is this a dead idea? I have the same issue...I want to be able to mark-up screenshots of web pages, but the screenshot feature only grabs what is currently visible in the viewport. This renders the feature about 10% as usable as it would be if it could grab the entire page (including the content "below the fold"). Unfortunately, I'm going to have to go to a 3rd-party for this, which is a shame because Evernote is *so close* to providing an adequate solution (but you're missing it by *that* much...).
  5. Another severe limitation imposed by the way Evernote handles naming attachments is that even if you change the name - of a PDF, for example - the version that is locally stored on your computer does not get renamed. I scan directly to my Evernote account through my printer/scanner all the time, so all of my attachments have nonsense names. Yes, it's a hassle to have to go through and manually rename them, as Evernote doesn't provide an intelligent way to do this, but the local copies retain the original nonsense name. I regularly back up my local Evernote files and it's very difficult to make sense of them due to the way Evernote names everything. Cynically, I feel like they do this intentionally to make them useless without accessing them via the Evernote app. They're my files...Evernote shouldn't be making it difficult for me to manage them to compel me to rely on their product.
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