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  1. I've been using Evernote on and off for quite some time, the reason why I have long off times and short on times is simple, there's no way to: - Resize images in the webclient. - Use mathematical notation. You could even implement this stuff by making HTML possible to use. This is really something that drags down the whole application for both me and a lot of people I know, especially in the STEM fields. This is a huge weakness you have over e.g. OneNote or even Google Documents. I'd happily use this forever and pay a ton more money if I had the opportunity to write mathematical notation, it should be easy to implement with LaTeX. Should be possible to implement in a week for one engineer. What's up with not being able to resize images? This is basic stuff... I know it's possible in the desktop client but that client is not as slick or good as the web interface in other areas. You guys need to commit to the web interface instead... An added bonus would be highlighting in the notes.
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