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  1. Once again cmd ` is broken in Evernote on the Mac. This is now beyond a joke. These products are pretty much unusable such is the level of functionality that has been removed. Both the Mac and Windows versions of this product are absolutely atrocious. Can anyone advise when this is likely to be addressed? And where, as a premium user, I can get some of my money back ...
  2. Just installed the latest update. It's dire. I'm not even a power user but the basic layout and the mess they have made of tags is just awful. Shortcuts don't work, layout options are limited. Have we had a statement from evernote detailing when/if any of this will be fixed? I pay for this service and am bitterly regretting my decision ....
  3. Absolutely agree. Feels like people are changing things for the sake of it. Every revision seems to make things from a functionality perspective worse!
  4. Hi there, I have the same problem, search does not work at all. Very odd. Any ideas folks? Can we download an old version?
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