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  1. I'll be migrating by 1400 Notes to a nn app that supports markdown unless Evernote commit for include this ubiquitous feature in a forthcoming release. I don't see what the problem is: arrogance ,stubbornness, we know better than the market. This is how all apps die...

  2. It's VERY annoying and very inconsistent. But it's nothing to do with cross-platform as I get in Evernote to Evernote. For example, I've just typed this line...[Pls don't judge me on content!],

    Copied it..

    "Opiniator - wants to tell everyone what and why their opinion is uniquely brilliant, insightful, correct. They believe this demonstrates their genius and moral superiority as a person." [Quotes added.]
    Pasted it... a few lines above in area with an identical page font etc and Hey Presto... its march of the  
    "Opiniator - wants to tell everyone what and why their opinion is uniquely brilliant & correct. They  believe this demonstrates their genius and moral superiority as a person." 
    If I then copy paste   it transforms to    copy paste that to :  etc etc 
    A brief investigation I've concluded that its the COPY into the buffer that inserts the fallacious content. Once a copy source has been 'infected' it'll paste into everything with   snuggling randomly into the spaces between words. Happening about 1/5 which seems  an increase?
    This is one many irritating bugs and usability deficiencies that have persisted in the 2 years I’ve been a paying customer - which Evernote appears unmotivated to resolve.
    I wonder if a representative from Evernote will respond? Plenty of Alternatives. Just a migration hassle...
  3. I have only ever used a single instance of Evernote on my laptop -and I get about a dozen a day. The thought it might be that because you can float ta note in is own window above the main app window you could potentially edit the noted in two places at the same time. But must admit I thought Evernote saved data more or less in real time, and so when I tested by floating a docked note off and editing it,  but these changes were immediately synced back to the docked note.

    This is sadly just one of the numerous issues with the editor and stubborn design values which were once quaint now just slow me down doing simple things like moving or renaming obstacles. Why can't you rename a notebook in the sidebar or rearrange them. And I know people use and alphabetising fudge the order notebook lists and stack in the sidebar review but why is this disregarded in the notebook view... where adding a new notebook to stack it appears randomly in order. 


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