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  1. Yea, not an issue for me either. The worst case scenario is not that bad and is extremely unlikely to happen too. You'll be more pissed about somebody using or stealing your phone than that there are some new notes in that specific notebook and, well, you can easily delete these notes and block this phone from sending these notes to that notebook. Currently satisfied with the Onenote lockscreen thing. Can activate and deactivate this balloon very easily. I super don't like everything else about OneNote and I am happy that I found CloudHQ to get these notes to Evernote. I think Evernote should get this same function to their app. It's really good. Only thing that leave this balloon, box, Evernote logo, whatever object, only to doing the thing on the lockscreen.
  2. Evernote has gotten many things awesome when they first launched. I like the way desktop version of Evernote presents notes. It gives a preview or overview of each note or all notes, a good sense of what's where and, all-in-all, I tried OneNote and imported my Evernote stuff there and I really don't like the way I have to navigate around in OneNote and how it presents the notes. So Evernote really good overall, but some features that Onenote has are currently obvious improvements over Evernote, such as providing the ability to take notes from the lockscreen, which lured me to test out Onenote. Already tried Parchi before tried Onenote. Evernote should definitely simulate the way Parchi does it with the UI on the lockscreen. Very simple. Just click on the icon, write a note, and send. Nothing else. Unfortunately, there are too many issues with Parchi. Parchi notes do go to Onenote but it's full of bugs as it is sort of discontinued it seems. And it doesn't seem to throw this option to take a note from the lockscreen when disconnected from active wifi/4G connection. And so there's also OneNote now, which does exactly the same thing, allowing to take notes right from the lockscreen. However, it disables the feature when restarting the phone (so does Parchi), and the icon that allows to take quick notes stays hanging out there in front of my screen also when the phone is unlocked. I'm using Tasker so I'm going to check if I can make the "badge" button to launch when phone screen goes off, and close when phone gets unlocked, and in case I succeed in that and even better in case I can get those notes somehow forwarded to Evernote, it's great (but no matter what Evernote has to add this function - the current one is no good because I still have to unlock the device). By the way, there's no security issue whatsoever when there's only text input that can only go to predefined notebook. Can't really access any data. Can't change anything. In case it is implemented properly (like any other such kind of function to get data from one place to another, it has to be implemented properly to be secure - such as getting these notes from notebook to cloud for instance), then saying that this would rise security concern is a very big joke! No security issue, like somebody already mentioned earlier here. It's just text input to notebook. No output to the screen from any notebook.
  3. Is this already available? I have a 6-digit number to unlock the phone and even if I'd do it with a short swipe or shorter pin, it's distracting and time-consuming. When I have an insight I don't want any obstacles and hoops on the way of writing it down. Having able to have a quick way to jot down notes straight from the lock-screen without unlocking the device is meaningfully useful.
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