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  1. Hi there, I seem to have an exotic issue with Evernote v. 6.13.* running under High Sierra. Yesterday, I ran the AppStore version on my laptop for the first time since the upgrade and lost ALL my notes: The account simply showed an empty note list and no folder structure. The normal sync did not seem to help. I looked at my spouse's laptop, freshly upgraded to High Sierra (but still running v. 6.11), and everything looked fine with my account (which I have not used for quite a while). However, this time it forced me to give up one of the three devices I used to connect to Evernote in the past (big and unpleasant surprise with 6.13). I removed my cellphone, but it did not help with my own laptop state, the note list remained empty. Then I tried some of the support website 'medicine': Restarted my laptop - did not help. Reinstalled the latest release from Evernote website - nope. Removed Evernote from my cellphone (you never know) - nyet! Meanwhile, I checked the content of the Evernote library on my laptop and saw that all notes are still there. Yet my attempt to open them directly got me the strange answer (more or less precise translation): "You are disconnected from the account this note belongs to. Reconnect and try again" Very strange as I could see some of the older notes open on my spouse's laptop under that same Evernote account. Finally, this morning I saw a sync can be forced which helped me recover all my notes from Evernote servers, yet it solves the problem only partially. I have a huge amount of local notes that I cannot use right now. Any idea how I can: check the current identity of the account on my disk which I suspect might have changed, force Evernote to reintegrate its state saved on my disk, retrieve the local notes from my last backup? Many thanks in advance. O.
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