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  1. Well, I installed Legacy Evernote 7.14 as offered in the help section. Guess what? File-Export does not work. You select notes, you click the menu Export... and nothing happens. Using EvernoteLegacy_RELEASE_7.14.1_458325.zip I then restored Evernote from my Time machine. Version Evernote_RELEASE_7.14_458244.zip. File-Export does work there. Coincidence? Sorry, I don't believe that. Right now I am so angry at this company, that I am even considering a Micro$oft product.
  2. Just my 10 cents on this: I was compiling a (quite big) list of features that the new client took away. Nevermind, I don't need this list. Not being able to edit the many encrypted texts containing sensitive information makes EN unusable for work, at least for me. I use this on everyday basis. I guess from the millions of users there are thousands who can say the same thing for each other feature removed. That's not how it should be done. BTW my job is sales manager in a software company. I know that's how you lose customers to the competitors. So I am sticking to the legacy version and if it becomes unusable, I will weigh my options again. Sorry for the long 10 cents.
  3. while I can't deny the ingenuity of this solution, it can only be used on one chosen platform. I am actively using EN on Mac and Android and sometimes on Windows...
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