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  1. Thanks everyone, I appreciate your recommendations. I'm going to start putting status on the TOC instead of on each note, which gives me the feeling of an aggregated space even though it's not dynamically populating.
  2. I was hoping someone might have a good hack for how I can accomplish this: I would love auto-updating dynamic content across multiple notes. For example: I am a freelancer and I use Evernote to manage clients & projects. Each client has a notebook, and inside that notebook are separate notes for each project I'm doing with that client. I keep a highlighted "status" bar at the top of every project note (status is things like, "contract sent 11/12" or "waiting for feedback" or "project on hold until 2018"). The ultimate dream would be that I could create one main status note that pulls in all the status lines from every note. So when I update the status on a project note, that also dynamically updates on my main status note. Then I can open that one status note every day to see an overall idea of where I stand for each client. In the same vein I could also dynamically pull all my to-do checkbox items into one full list, so I could see a full overview of all my open todos across multiple notes. I'm currently doing this manually copy-paste, which as you can imagine, leaves a lot of room for error. Any ideas how to accomplish something like this?
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