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  1. My expense report workflow involves selecting lots of notes at once, each of which contains a scanned receipt from Scannable, then saving all the attachments to a folder at once. With the recent update, this option is now missing. What??!?!
  2. I received this response from Evernote Tech support a few days ago:
  3. Oh. Yeah, that did not help at all. Fresh install behaves exactly the same.
  4. For a month or two now, I am getting an error after every scan, even though the scan and save to Evernote is successful. I am running v2.3.1 on iOS 12.3 on an iPhone XS Max. I scan a receipt, save as PDF to my Evernote inbox, **get the confirmation that the scan was saved to Evernote**, and then - every time - after tapping “Done,” get a message that says “Unsaved Scans - Some of your scans have not been saved. Do you want to delete all scans?” The options are “Cancel” and “Delete All”. If I cancel, it goes back one step as if I’d not saved to Evernote. If I delete all, it deletes just the scans in my current session as if I’d just started the app. Either way, my scan is sitting there in Evernote. I have over half of the 256GB of memory on my iPhone available, so it’s not an issue with storage space. Is is this a known issue? Is it being worked on? Or is there a fix or workaround available?
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