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  1. It sounded like the original poster was using a 3rd party app to lock Evernote, above and beyond just locking the phone, and was looking for something similar on the PC, hence the discussion. Beyond locking the PC, or localing encrypted storage, I haven't looked for any (but I might, more for a program to keep from procrastinating playing games ? ) [Is there a lock on the Evernote App? I use the desktop version] On mobile you can setup a guest account or additional users (well you can on Android 7 / LineageOS 14.1), and that seems like a good idea for people to setup and use as phones often contain a lot of private information or access to accounts [I've been meaning to, more for when friends kids want to borrow my phone, as otherwise most people have their own devices and if they are using my phone, it's to access my data]
  2. For those that missed it, WIN+L (or CTRL+ALT+DEL, then ENTER) locks Windows immediately. And with a laptop, lock when the lid is closed (it sleeps). While having the screensaver timeout and lock the pc again is a good idea, just being in the habit of hitting WIN+L when you get up and walk away prevent anyone, especially fast moving kids, from jumping onto your account immediately after you left (which if they are impatient for their turn, or racing their siblings for the computer, they will do). [They can then easily log into their (or the kids account), which homes should setup, if only to prevent the accidental deletion of important work or reading emails not meant for them.]
  3. Can you ensure the internal report reflects that some users are experiencing this on Windows 7 as well (as mentioned in this and other threads)
  4. Is this new in this release of Evernote? Or does this happen in other programs and previous releases? Do either of you have a touch pad on a laptop? This sounds like what happens when typing and you accidentally bump the touchpad, the cursor jumps somewhere else (and it is annoying). I thought Windows 10 had a generic option to prevent that, but it seems to have disappeared since the Fall Creators update. That said, your touchpad utility for your laptop (or "additional settings" under Windows 10 Touchpad settings) might offer an option to delay or turn off the touchpad when you are typing.
  5. Did you perhaps just upgrade Windows 10 to the latest release? (The spring update, Windows version 1803, is just rolling out) That's another area where the display scaling might have changed, and perhaps co-incidence? Or did it go away when you reverted to a previous version?
  6. This is a known bug that appeared after v6.7.5 that is related to your "display settings" in Windows 10 when scale and layout custom scaling is set to 125%. You can either change custom scaling to 100 or 150% (which affects all programs), or go into the properties of the Evernote program icon, and turn on "orverride high DPI scaling behaviour" (which only affects evernote). Note: the latest Windows relase being rolled out as we speak has changes to the scaling behaviour to affect blurry fonts, and I don't know how it affects this bug (if it fixes it or not, if it exasperates it, if it breaks the work around)
  7. I'm embarrased to admit I never right clicked on it, just used the embedded viewer or double clicked on it to mark-up the PDF. Thanks for the tip.
  8. Well, you'll probably only recognize it's missing when you go looking for it. So one would need to have more thorough than 1-2 backups because it could be years before you recognize something important is missing (might even suggest having backups of the Evernote install program as well, just in case it's needed to access that data... depends how paranoid you are)
  9. This release of Windows purportedly has a feature to help address fuzzy fonts ... because newer versions of Evernote have an issue with drawing horizontal rules consistently when the scaling is set to 125%, I wonder how this feature and this bug affect each other!? [I reverted to 6.7.5, so until I try a newer version/beta, I can't test this]
  10. While I'm suprised that something that is marketted as a digital filing cabinet doesn't allow you to "lock" files to prevent accidentally changing them, have some kind of checksum or self-validation that content hasn't corrupted itself (that I know of), or any other way of notifying you (and automatically fixing) of an unexpected change to historical notes (when people have 10's of thousands of files and attachments, impossible to monitor)... I'm also not surprised... because they have a backup system online and a premium membership to access the old versions of notes -- they need something to encourage people to actually pay for the product.
  11. I'm still on 6.7.5 ... question - if you double click on a PDF, can you have it open it in foxit PDF externally for markup? (then at least I'm only relying on Evernote for displaying the PDF)
  12. A different approach might be to print your articles to PDF after highlighting and using Evernote import folders to import into Evernote. Perhaps IFFT can automate the printing when you've read and highlighted an article (say after tagging it as read!?). No idea if this would work for anyone... [of course it doesn't nicely summarize they key points from the article in the Evernote note, but this might be something better done by you, as that should improve retention/comprehension of the content] [This is based on my approach of printing articles from Chrome to a PDF into an evernote import folder (for automatic import into my inbox). I do this so I can highlight and markup a well formatted PDF using the builtin Foxit readers (in Evernote for Windows 6.7.5), so that I also have a printable and sharable copy of the marked up article, or almost any source material saved in PDF format.] But this goes against the grain of Evernote's web clipper and probably how others use Evernote, so take it for what it's worth.
  13. [Edit: re-reading the thread, I guess I just re-iterated what was posted above, ha ha ha... sorry / sort of ? ] So really Sandboxie is a copy-on-write kind of virtualization solution, which I can run a separate copy of Evernote and either rely on syncronization through evernote servers to keep the two copies in sync, or ultimately overwrite the local copy fully with the Boxie changes (or only keep the original and any of its changes). That should generally work well, if I'm primarily using it to lookup information in the middle of another task. Thanks! [it doesn't really help me entirely as I heavily rely on local databases, but it's a step forward] Other ideas for Sandboxie 1) if it also allows me to run installs, it might offer a way for me to easily test Evernote betas on current data, without risking my working copy of Evernote -- that's something I'll look into more as I'd like to test or at least evaluate Evernote betas and never versions to see if they work for me (ie, I'm staying on the old version until the PDF viewer is workable again) 2) I could see it allowing more complicated setups of running multiple evernote accounts on a machine at once (I don't see a need for me right now, but it opens that possibility, probably without any real data risk even for local databases)
  14. Thanks / somehow this slipped my mind / don't know what I was thinking of where I thought I couldn't.
  15. It would be really nice if pictures didn't have to be embedded in tables to reduce them to a usable size
  16. Most useful thing I got out of the forums today, thanks! (beyond chicken jokes)
  17. I'm having trouble parsing your comment :-P ... did you mean CAN instead of cannot. [because yeah, double clicking a note works for me as well]
  18. For my receipts and invoices I get in email, I just save the image/pdf to my downloads\receipts folder (or print the email to PDF, using Chrome in my case), which I've set as an Evernote import folder, and you can pick which database notebook you automatically import into. And an easy way to exclude databases from search would be to have a stack of notebooks that you search and a stack that you don't search, so when you are searching you first pick the notebook stack you are searching within. Another benefit of this is it can come from any source (ie, saving the PDF from my online banking, evernote imports it automatically. Or I have a google drive/dropbox folder that does the same so I can do this from anywhere), and it even supports drag and drop as you could drag and drop into the import folder, and it automatically ends up in the desired database.
  19. Folder, searching, file types, and sharing definitely are in windows explorer, dropbox, whatever... but as DTLow highlighted it's the note concept at the core that is the subtle but key difference I have a tonne of PDFs of scanned pages and saved articles and simply putting them in a folder on my computer or dropbox, even with a creative folder structure, it isn't easy or natural to flip through them. In evernote I can see the first page of the PDF as I flip through the notes, highlight relevant parts of the PDF, and add a summary or comment to the Evernote - it makes a much better digital binder (and add in the notebooks and tags, a much better filing cabinet). Perhaps someone would be fine with dropbox and a good folder structure, but I've never found that style of storage natural. Not that Evernote doesn't need a few tweaks as well, especially as I'm stuck on 6.7.5 until PDFs are usable again, but it's far better than Dropbox.
  20. Thanks for the details. I often don't use the full page clipping feature, just use the web clipper for parts (otherwise I create a PDF to put into Evernote). I'll try the full page option and see if it allows me what I want (although I expect it's similar to how I use Pocket)
  21. It seems like I can paste web content in it's original layout, or with no formatting what so ever ... is there a way to have a middle ground (or a tool someone can suggest?) What I'm looking for was for the headings to still be bolded so they stand out, but have the font and font sizes removed. [I tried cut and paste, simplify formatting, using the web clipper, routing it through Pocket. I'm using Evernote on Windows primarily]
  22. Well, I think it's great at what it does, and part of that is a really simplistic design (in a way), which makes it powerful but also very close but never quite there for a lot of people too (even if they are going beyond it's original intent, not unexpected if a tool is popular). Most of my frustrations centre around what seem like polish and refinement to make note taking smoother, but it's easy to feel a bit entitled to a preferred application working a specific way.
  23. Yeah, I suppose it was dismissive as well, but I intended to stay respectful of the intent of Evernote, it was all more out of a reaction to it being the standard reply to so many posts it gets a bit frustrating. And yeah, new people will have new "unique" ideas, and yeah I'm sure people will try and use a tool for anything they possibly can, and that's probably equally tiring for you guys who have been on the tool (and forums) for a long time (especially when people don't search to see if an idea has been posted and discussed at length before)
  24. CraigZ

    tag suggestion

    That's a pain (to not have features consistent across platforms). Definitely searching on individual words is useful (I use that heavily in Pocket, as stated above)
  25. Sort of... but the docked view stays "docked" to the side of the screen and the remaining space is available to any program you open. So even when you switch to another program or try to maximize the window, OneNote is still visible (maximize now will only fill the remaining space). If you just use Windows 10's split screen approach or manually size windows, when you open another program (as part of your research) or maximize it, it will cover up your Evernote note, so then you have to go through the resizing procedure again (and each time you open another window/program as part of your research). So the "docked view" of OneNote is a bit more robust and less fiddling with window sizes for research sessions if you are switching between multiple applications while taking a note. I definitely would like this feature [although one that is more multi-desktop friendly, because OneNote's implementation affects all desktops, shrinking all their maximum window sizes]
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