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  1. Okay guys: IT WORKS! And the problem was the stupidest thing (as always, right?): damn main Evernote folder was "read only"!! So when I changed that, it works beautifully! Now off to test the best shade of green (few shades darker than #c0dcc0). THANKS A LOT!! Hope you will have some great holidays! All the best!
  2. THANKS a lot! However, still white background! As you can see below, "1 file checked, 0 changed" And, that is confirmed by opening the application... So, everything is okay, except it isn't implementing it? I even tried changing .css files within the Evernote, and it did nothing. It is a very stubborn program.. I REALLY appreciate your help and time!! And am really desperate t make this work, considering how much my eyes burn (writing my thesis)... THANKS again!
  3. Hi! I tried with .exe originally and it never even connected to the Evernote (immediately reported missing file). Without .exe it at least starts running, and reports errors. I guess that's because my Evernote.exe is called just Evernote. Same goes for using sfk vs sfk188. I also did it all while Evernote was fully closed (even additional background running, using Task Manager). Btw, I am using Windows 10. Maybe that is causing some issues? Thanks a lot for your help! Ivanka
  4. Hi all, I tried using RobertJSawyer's instructions for the background, but it is just not working out. Here is what I did and maybe you can tell me what am I missing: Downloaded sfk188.exe and copied into a c:\tools using cmd started c:\tools\sfk188.exe set path done copy/paste (with two changes, without the two changes it does absolutely nothing) sfk188 rep Evernote -firsthit -text "/-webkit-touch-callout: text;/background-color: #b2b1b3; /" -yes after running this, it reported 5 errors and 1 warning: error: failed to read+write... warning: empty file... and similar... Any ideas? THANKS!
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