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  1. It appears that the OCR scan function is only used for handwriting search. No consider OCR is available from PDFs or images. The tablets that allow OCR are clumsy. I can write but need to tap, tap switch to graphic mode and draw. Then, tap tap back to write. I missed party of the talk sure to stupid tapping. The correct way to tablet is to write to capture. Then run OCR and place the drawings into Evernote. I doubt Evernote product management reads their forums.
  2. My ReMarkable tablet is a great note taking device. I export an image PDF and include it into an Evernote document. The Evernote text preview on my Android is near perfect. I cannot copy the preview text. How can I export or copy that OCR text into another Evernote document? All help is appreciated. Premium user. SocceRef.
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