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  1. This accident made me realize that I could not trust Evernote with a bulk of important information I keep in notes. Such arbitrary changes breaking existing functionality without clear estimate when it would be fixed are unacceptable. I am paying customer after all and removing functionality I am paid for is the breach of the agreement. To put my money where my mouth is, I exported all my notes using CloudHQ to Google Drive, deleted them from Evernote and downgraded my account from premium to basic (I will close it later). I will be no longer using EverNote and will not renew my subscription. If somebody thinking about alternatives, after some research I decided to use Google Drive/Docs for longer notes and Google Keep for short transient ones.
  2. There is whitespace handling. When I paste code all my whitespace is gone. This was not a problem in code blocks.
  3. This is a major show stopper for me! I am a researcher and keep my research notes in Evernote. I have hundreds of notes densely interspersed with pre-formatted code fragments. Not being able to insert code is a disaster as now I will have to switch to different notetaking software and somehow migrate my notes. As a paid customer I demand to know when this regression will be fixed. When I paid for your software the feature was present and removing it is unacceptable.
  4. Any plans on fixing this? As a developer, I would like to be able to save code snippets in Evernote. Formatting button [{}] called CODE suggest I should be able to do this. However, pasting plain text from my emacs drops all indentation (spaces). Interestingly, in this discussion forum, CODE button inserts code fragment with correct indentation: family_member := λ (j : nat) (jc : j < 2), UnSafeCast (SHPointwise Monoid_RthetaFlags (IgnoreIndex abs) ⊚ SafeCast (SHBinOp (SwapIndex2 j (IgnoreIndex2 sub))) ⊚ Gather Monoid_RthetaFlags (h_index_map j 2)) |} Could Evernote web app do the same?
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