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  1. I hoping you received a solution to this issue. I’m having g the same issue. Notes that I print out in Evernote via the printer are blurry. I have made up PDFs outside of Evernote and printed them and they aren’t blurry. I then drop the note inEvernote and try to print t and the note (pdf) is blurry. Trying to figure thisvissue out. I placed a ticket with Evernote, but they claim it isn’t an Evernote issue. I couldn’t disagree more with their analysis, resulting in my additional testing above. Any fix would be appreciated?
  2. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me. I'm trying to print out notes that were scanned and it is very difficult to read the notes. I'm trying to scan everything using my scansnap IX500 into Evernote. However, when printing previously scanned notes they are not readable. This includes store receipts and medical notices from the insurance company. Thanks Dan
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