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  1. I often use the sticky notes app on windows to organize and keep track of tasks that I need to accomplish. I used to use Outlook for this, but since they added tagged emails into the task list, it got too cluttered for me to manage. I like to group my tasks in sticky notes, sometimes by customer, and sometimes by "what I need to get done today...". It is freeform enough that it allows me to organize my tasks. I love evernote, and use it a lot. I have tried keeping my tasks in evernote, but it requires that I go find my task notes. So here is my wish: I would like to take a note from Evernote, and flag it as a "sticky note". When I am in windows, I would like to right-click on the tray icon and pick "show sticky notes" and have the notes appear on my desktop (sized and arranged how I last left them). If I am out and about, I can still pull up a note (that has been designated a "sticky note") and edit it, or delete it. This way I still have task management on the go, but have my notes backed up and organized on my desktop.
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