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  1. I desperately need something like this too. I'm surprised you can't slect note in this. Is this option completely removed out?
  2. Thanks a bunch .... The problem with thumbnail is Evernote usually takes the background of the image while it scans ... Scannable didn't have this problem. I'm going to check out Office Lens, is there an evernote integration for any of these apps?
  3. Hello there, I'm not a big fan of using Evernote's scanning feature in the android app. To be honest I'm having a hard time compiling it as a document with perfect borders when almost all the time the app just scans an image. I've used scannable on my iPad and it works like a charm but I was wondering if there is a good alternative for android.
  4. do you save them as pdfs using the web clipper? I dont see this option. Chrome or mozilla?
  5. Evernote's web clipper isn't perfect by any means but I can assure you its still one of the best ones around.
  6. Ah yes. I see your point. I'm from India and I don't find MS pushing heavily over here. I was under the 'quiet' impression that One Note really hadn't taken a hold ever.
  7. The new one note ( i believe its called one note 10) isn't really integrated well with Office anymore. This new version is completely different from the One Note you use with Office (which is One Note 2016). One Note 2016 is no longer in development. Microsoft has made the decision to actively develop and add new features only to One Note 10. This is where my problem lies. One Note 10 is being designed as a software that clearly looks like the priority lies with mobile users. A lot of the new features that Microsoft has added in the past updates makes it seem like they aren't interested in supporting PC users. Can you imagine that One Note 10 doesn't even have a pan feature on PC? They have a feature suggestion portal which they clearly ignore. They have an agenda make the app so rudimentary that anyone can jump aboard. I have no problem with this but they do this by stepping over the features that their core users want. Its this that I was agreeing to. I know this is going to sound rude (and maybe a bit too far) but the new One Note feels very dumbed down to the extent that I feel insulted using it
  8. Hello Ian, I am not entirely sure if you'll read this but here goes. First off, congrats on the post. I really do hope that your background will take the company in a new fresh new direction and I really look forward to being part of that. I am not a power user like most of the folks here; in fact this is the third time I've made my switch back to EN and it took me 3 times to finally understand how to use this program effectively. I feel that the reason a lot of people decide to ditch the app is because it doesn't work the way they want it. And to this extent I agree. Most of the new users who install EN expect a place where they can just type notes. Some people (like myself) decide they can use this as an alternative for a word processor. I feel its crucial that you have to address both these groups in the direction you're planning to take. PS: Dark theme pls.
  9. Scannable is sweet but Evernote's default scanner is a pain. Is there a good alternative for android?
  10. Standard Notes looks interesting. Is it an easy transition so far? UPDATE: Standard Notes is no Evernote. Sorry. At best its just a basic note taking application. Evernote is a lot more than that.
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