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  1. not sure I understand your response.... but to use your example, any:tag:aaaa tag:bbbb -----^-------------- (no EXTRA space after the colon) In my Windows version of Evernote, nothing happen, no search result. any: tag:aaaa tag:bbbb ------^-------------- (see the extra space after "any:", and you get results) As I said, I tried it with both "tag" and "text" search, the only way to make it work is to add an extra space after "any: " No other operators (intitle:, notebook:, tag:,...etc) have no such requirement. eg. intitle:pizza (no space after ":") or note
  2. I am using the Windows desktop version of Evernote. Just been playing around with all the advanced search options. There seems to be an inconsistency with the "any:" operator. It only works when I add an extra space after the colon ":" For example, any:computer finance (nothing) any: computer finance (work as expected, note the extra space after the colon) No other operator has such requirement. Is this by design ? if so, what was the reason ? I also test with the tag: operator, eg. any: tag:computer tag:finance Again, only work with the extra space.
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