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  1. Why not? Basically you just have the statistics of what you have written in the Evernote, so that management of notes becomes more visualised. I cannot see why this is not relavant.
  2. Thanks for your reply. What I meant by statistics is the stats of the overall activity, like how many words you have written this month and so on. so that they could be plot like this: Is it an existing feature in Evernote? Regards. @DTLow @jefito
  3. I am an addicted Evernote user. I've just realised that if one could see the statistics of their writing, they could be more activated in using Evernote. Furthermore, it could help one better manage his Evernote repository. It could be a Premium feature. Regards.
  4. Same problem, tried with uninstall properly and install the latest version again, but the same problem happened 2 days later. I am getting mad now, thinking about to use other alternative app I mean, if this keep on happen, I will drop definitely. Maybe some staff will come and check, this is my mac info: and this is how it looked like: the application is running but nothing was opened, all buttons cannot be clicked. Evernote is Version 6.13 (455673 Direct).
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