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  1. Pople who travel a lot experience various wifi solutions - often every connection is redirected to the login page and starts working after login. If Evernote connects to the server at the time Interned is {hijacked" by the login screen - it pops out a non-modal dialog: (see attachment). As a result, each time o suffer from Internet outage of this kind, every time i am punished by Evernote by having to click the mouse to close the annoying window - and this happens on every connect attempt (luckily if i keep it open they dont populate). This is a bad design. Transient errors should never require user input - especially in cases when Evernote does not even have a focus. If it needs a different handling than no internet, then better design is to indicate the failure somewhere in the UI (status/menubar) in an non obtrusive way. It makes sense to show modal dialog only when some user requested operation failes - e.g. save.
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