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  1. I've just installed the Evernote mobile app on an ipad for the first time - and it brings down approx 2,400 notes compared to 627 via the browser interface. So what ever is going on seems to be a server side issue, not something to do with the mobile device memory ( assuming my logic is correct of course!)
  2. Thanks PinkElephant for your input on this, its good to have some more things to try. Unfortunately after trying a force-restart of the iphone a few times, I still have the same problem - 4 times (approx) the number of notes on the iphone as via the web client. Definitely seems to be something corrupt somewhere; are you thinking there are some corrupt notes somewhere on the server side or do you think this is all to do with the phone app/phone memory? Any ideas how I might identify what is corrupted? I've messaged @Evernotehelps on twitter but radio silence so far. I'm going to
  3. Thanks for your response. I tried this a couple of times now (turning iphone on & off in between uninstalling & re-installing). I now have 658 notes via the web version (correct as far as I am concerned) and 2,455 notes via the iphone. On the iphone if I empty my trash folder the app says "Trash emptied" then about 2-3 seconds later the deleted notes all re-appear. Creating a new note and checking the green tick results in...nothing! the note magically disappears. Don't know what is going on but its very frustrating!
  4. Ive been using Evernote basic for 8 years, it has always been reliable until recently. I now have a situation where I use 2 Evernote versions - the web, and the app on an iphone My web version is showing a total of 658 notes. The app on my phone is showing 1,827 notes. If I force a sync on the app (via settings sync now), it reports "sync complete". If I put a new (test) note on via the mobile, it will appear on the web version. However, the is obviously a big discrepancy with overall number of notes - lots more on the mobile app that should not be there. Does sync not do some s
  5. @DTLow Many thanks, that fixed it easy as that. Would love to know why this isn't documented better and why the sync button (with no modifiers ) does something different. Very frustrating to have spend so much time on it - lots of searching & didn't get to this simple fix Thanks once again!
  6. I've just got a new Mac book air. I've installed the Evernote client, but it only syncs around 260 of a total of 2068 notes, then stops. No error, but just lots of notes missing. So to be clear: I've add an EN account for ages. Via the web client I have a total of 2068 notes. These also show correctly on my iphone I have a basic account, and I'm using just two devices - a phone and this Mac I've tried re-booting. I've tried uninstalling and re-installing. (including remove the app, emptying the trash and removing the Application Support/com.Evernote folder as suggested o
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