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  1. FYI... No issue with a local folder only my google drive folders. I've logged a ticket with support
  2. It's great that the import folder function is back. I've now switched all devices from legacy to version 10. However EN is duplicating the files in the folder that I'm using. (It's a local google drive folder). And I'm keen to know why? Scenario. Create a new folder in Google Drive Create a new Notebook in EN Create the folder import link Dump the files I want into my new GD folder (approx 300 files in this instance) At this point EN does it's thing, however twice... I've deleted the GD folder, deleted the notebook and tried again, same result with the duplicates? Does anyone have any insite on how the system works and what I might be doing incorrectly, or a work around to assist? Thanks in advance.
  3. This could be done in the previous version. You could create icons or images and attach specific links to them (other notes, google Docs, web etc). The easy and small visual cues are great in creating a dashboard style note to used from a phone.
  4. The home page could be good, but it's currently limiting and not really helpful. - Allow multiple instances of the same widget type (Critically pinned notes) - Allow sort by options for TAGS, NOTEBOOKS, NOTES (Surely this isn't hard?) - Windows view is bad on large screens, allow flexibilty for the size/display of widgets
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