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  1. I want to try out the new nested tabs function of the New Evernote Web. I believe it will be useful for how I use Evernote. However, I also want the aesthetic setup of the Old Evernote Web. New Evernote web is just too white for me. It blends together with a bunch of other websites' setups, like Mental_floss's new seemingly mobile-optimized setup. (It used to have a red border; now it's mostly white and ugly to look at) As I use a laptop, I want something that looks good on a laptop. I prefer websites to have a distinct and pleasant look, one that isn't a "me too" copycat to other mobile-optimized website "relaunches". Furthermore, I like a more text-heavy experience. The new Evernote Web seems too blank and sparse for me. Apparently, this was done in the name of being "clear" and "distraction-free", but I feel more comfortable around such so-called "distractions". It's like a detail-rich forest ripe for exploring compared to a Better Homes & Gardens-style carefully-configured garden. I would be happy to try out the New Evernote Web and its new functions if it felt like it had my tastes in mind. (I would send this feedback to Evernote privately if I could, but unfortunately the only way to communicate this feedback is through a forum. I feel shy around product forums.)
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