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  1. I would use the clipper A LOT MORE if this option existed (easily clip a page to a pre-existing note). Here is how I would envisage it working: 1) When I click on the clipper it creates a note title that it derives from the html title <title>Text used for note name </title> . 2) When I delete this text (the default title ) and I start typing letters, I would like the clipper to display autocomplete options from my preexisting note titles. e.g. Typing "m" would lead to clipper suggesting "mysql notes" in a drop down 3) When a preexisting note title is selected/typed, web clipper would remind the user that : An existing note with this name already exists. Do you want to merge the clip with the existing note or create a new note? and the user would click the "merge" or "create" button.
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