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  1. YES!!!!!! There have been several changes in the last year that drive me nuts! I think Evernote is exactly like Microsoft. They have a dominant product but they want to mess around with it and change it - which only serves to annoy and frustrate their long time users. And just like Microsoft they won't be satisfied until everyone hates them. I almost left Evernote last year with their major interface change. Now I will look again at the competition. It is inexcusable for them to ***** over their long time customers like this. If I were looking for a note program as a new user, I would never ch
  2. This just happened to me too! It seems Evernote is trying to force Safari users to allow ALL third party cookies and cross site tracking just to use the web clipper! Really?????!!!!! Someone above suggested untick the privacy boxes in the new High Sierra Safari ("prevent cross site tracking" is probably the culprit), sign it to Evernote web clipper, and then reticking the boxes. That did not work for me. When I re-ticked the privacy settings, web clipper no longer did anything. This is RIDICULOUS! Evernote clearly doesn't give a ***** about our privacy or security. This is a stupid, stupi
  3. I want to add a hearty "SECOND" to this motion! I came to this forum specifically to post this request and saw this post already addressed it. The new layout sucks and is driving me crazy. I already have a list view in my sidebar. Why in God's name would you force me to have the same exact layout in the main screen too? Bring back the boxes or tiles or whatever you call them! At the very least, give me the option of having it that way. In our modern world of advanced technology, there is no excuse for not at least giving me the option to see my notebooks the old way if I want to. That should b
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