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  1. Thanks for the detailed info. I feel like if it has the capability to merge notes it would have the capability to split/unmerge how ever the user pleases. I can select just that page and rotate it within EN, it also has the option to delete the selected page(s). So it can isolate the relevant sheet(s) already. I was hoping I could just drag and drop that particular sheet to wherever and make a new note but it wasn’t that easy. 🤣 Anyways I thought maybe I was missing something or doing something wrong. But it looks like this capability isn’t available yet.
  2. I also need an unmerge/split function. I scan my receipts using ScanSnap (Fujitsu) with OCR PDF into Evernote. After it is scanned, I change the title on it and add some tags. I was doing a whole bunch and I made a mistake.... I would like the ability to split/extract this particular page into another note (or a separate note is fine too) all within EN (instead of using another program like adobe or preview (on Mac)). I’m using a Mac. I know this is an old thread... has this capability been added at all? I couldn’t find it.... I’ve searched high and low on google and on the forums. The abil
  3. I finally got around to trying your suggestion chawkinson, works beautifully again. thank you very much!
  4. In an effort to move towards a paperless office, I've been scanning my documents into EN for quite some time. I haven't scanned anything in a few months and my papers were starting to pile up. I noticed that when I scanned my documents this time, the pages are out of order in EN after it is processed by the scanner (I place the document(s) in order into the scanner chute). I googled it and looked through this forum and didn't find much help. I've always scanned them as pdf into EN with OCR with no problems. I made sure that the file format was still in pdf. Anybody else experiencing this?
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