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  1. Greetings from Italy. I have synchronization problems and before opening a ticket I'd like to ask if you have any suggestions. Premium user, Evernote 10, Windows 10. Yesterday I was editing some Power Point files attached in a note, and I found my note (25 MB) duplicated 25 times due to synchronization problems. The original note remains and I have not lost any data, but the additional notes cannot be deleted. They are present (both on the PC in Evernote desktop and on the web) in the list of notes but not visible in detail (I cannot select the note, I cannot delete it, move it, merge it with other notes, etc), as if it were a ghost note. Tips? Thanks.
  2. Ciao Simona, assicurati che sul vecchio telefono le note siano sincronizzate con la nuvola, in questo modo hai una copia sui server di Evernote, abilitando un nuovo telefono ritrovi tutto. Se utilizzi l'opzione free ci sono limiti su quanti telefoni puoi collegare, quindi devi scollegare il vecchio prima di collegare il nuovo (dopo aver sincronizzato però!!!). Se hai errori fai sapere qui sul forum che ti aiutiamo. Bye
  3. Hi, this is a very good suggestion, in effect I should modify some tags names, but it can works. Thanks a lot!!!
  4. Hi all, Greetings from Italy!!! I'd like to save a search, if possible, with AND & OR operator. All notes with TAG1 and one of: TAG2 or TAG3 or TAG4. I did not find any solution on this, seems that the oeprator AND/OR cannot be used on the same search. It it possible? Thanks
  5. Hi all, Is it possible to have a link to a tag in a note? Similar to the link you can make with another note? Thanks
  6. Hi all, thanks for suggestions. I did not know there is an advanced menu, this help me a lot. Very nice. Du you suggest do not use one or more of the option here? Any contraindications? Thanks
  7. Hi all, Greetings from Italy, is it possible to find all the tags that have no linked notes? Thanks.
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