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  1. @rezecib, tested on mac and cmd + a, cmd + shift + k works great. Thanks again.
  2. @rezecib, awesome tip. Thanks a million! I'm actually on a Windows machine right now, but can confirm as @boaterva added that it works on Windows using ctrl + a, ctrl + shift + r. Will test Mac (using relevant Mac keys) tomorrow when I get back to work. You made my day, and again, thank you. And thank you @boaterva for providing helpful input too.
  3. There's another post on this same topic. An evernote guru (don't think it was an employee), replied and said if it's important to you, it needs up votes. Automatic hyperlinks are a huge problem for me. Wish they'd work on it or at least let us know what the status is (or if they plain don't want to implement that feature).
  4. Thanks jefito. I upvoted like you suggested. You aren't an evernote employee right? Wish one of their employees would comment on this.
  5. Can an Evernote employee please comment on this request? It's been almost a year since @apexadam posted this. Saw another post for the same issue and nobody's replied to that since it was created almost a year ago. A huge issue I run into is that some links I reference in my notes actually execute functions (e.g., delete a solr index). I risk accidentally executing code on a server unless I remove the hyperlink. Furthermore, I even risk clicking the link while I'm trying to remove it. This is a major daily inconvenience and risk. Please make this a configurable option. Thanks
  6. I want to confirm that this feature would be an incredible time-saving and quality-of-life improvement for me too. I've seen so many people question why in the world would anyone want to turn the feature off? If you are a developer or anyone who needs to copy/paste code snippets to Evernote, you will immediately see why this default behavior is a major hassle. Try pasting a bunch of curl commands into Evernote and you will have a page full of things you will accidentally click on, which will take you away from Evernote to a browser. It's an awful waste of time going through so many links o
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