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  1. Hello everyone! There was a time when I needed to backup some forum topic with ~250 pages in it so I bought Evernote premium for that purpose. Now my question is - if I discontinue the subscription will my saved pages stay in Evernote (because they require some space) or I'm going to lose them?
  2. Why then that thingie with +number more pages does pop up?
  3. Hello, I have forum topic with 200+ pages. When I try to save first page it shows me this (see the rectangle? it says +253 pages more) so I got curious – is it possible to save all of those pages at once?
  4. Does Evernote store any content that you clip from the Internet? Let’s say I clipped some blog post or article. And later that website where I clipped post from gets closed. Will I still be able to access my clip and the information in it since the original website will be down?
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