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  1. Hello, this is my first time in the forums so I'll try to be brief... I have an issue with the numbering format for numbered lists with indented bullets. I had a list of bulleted material with sub bullets that I wanted to change into a numbered list. When I tried to do this however, first some of the tabs and formatting for my existing subullets were removed and realigned with my main bullets. Also, it changed the sub bullets to numbers (which I guess makes sense in theory) when I would have preferred to leave the sub-bullets alone and stay bullets. But my biggest problem of all (that also seems to have no manual work around) is that when you change the list to numbered, if there are any sub-bullets under any of the numbers, the numbers reset to 1 for the next main item on the list after the sub-bullet for the previous number. I cannot figure out how to fix this for the life of me. Plz help.
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