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  1. Oh, OK. I missed that announcement. But this doesn't really make the sidebar "clutter free". In fact it does the exact opposite, it only adds clutter. I don't want the recent notes list to show on the sidebar. I don't need it. I used to turn it off precisely because I like a cleaner, clutter free sidebar. I gotta say, even though I'm actually loving the new UI design and the new positioning of the new note button, this decision to keep removing customization options is really annoying. The recent notes list thing is something that I really wish they would reconsider.
  2. I can't remove the "recent notes" list from the sidebar anymore. It also doesn't show up in the sidebar options in the menu bar. Is this intentional? What gives? And yup, the invisible note list bug is back. This is embarrassing, to say the least.
  3. I understand the complaint just fine and here's where it was stated that the new sidebar button is taking the place of the old toolbar button: Personally, I like this change in placement. If it's better or worse, we'll see in time. I'm willing to give it a shot. I don't think they're on the "wrong path".
  4. Are you people even reading? The button in the toolbar will be removed from future GA releases. The new button in the sidebar will take its place.
  5. Alright, allow me to get a bit long-winded here... I think I might be onto something here and I'm looking for second opinions. I've been experiencing some bugs and weird behavior with Evernote ever since the later 6.12 updates. Myself and other users have already complained several times about the following: Prior to your decision to remove sync interval preferences, Evernote simply wasn't adhering to them. It synced randomly no matter what custom interval the user had set up in preferences. The "waiting for sync" dialog window kept showing up upon quitting even when the user preferences were set up to give no warning of active syncing upon quitting. Evernote suddenly "forgets" all user preferences, momentarily reverting everything back to default, including things like font size and display options (even the welcome pop-ups that you get when you open the application for the first time start popping up again). Usually, closing and reopening the application returns all of the user preferences, but still, very annoying. This happens OFTEN. Now, what do all of those bugs have in common? I highlighted the key word there to make it more apparent... That's right. Maybe all of those bugs, including the old one where sync interval preferences were ignored, are actually THE SAME BUG. That bug is: Something is making Evernote "forget"/ignore user preferences, temporarily reverting everything back to the default settings. I don't know if it has anything to do with the recent OSX update to High Sierra, but it was around that time that I started noticing that weird behavior. Maybe that's something the Evernote team might want to take a look at? Is anybody else here who updated from Sierra to High Sierra experiencing those issues? Is anybody here who didn't update to High Sierra experiencing those issues? I've seen other people reporting that stuff before, so I know I'm not alone in this. After updating to 16.13.1 and seeing that all of those bugs were still infesting the application, I lost my patience and decided to uninstall Evernote using AppCleaner and then do a full clean reinstall of the application, starting from scratch, just to see what would happen. To my surprise, ALL of that strange behavior and the bugs simply vanished... Temporarily, that is. The next day, Evernote started acting up again. All of those bugs and weird behavior returned, exactly as before. It was just the time it took for me to set up my preferences the way I like them and the bugs started appearing again. That's why I believe the source of most of those issues, if not all of them, is in how Evernote is saving and accessing user preferences. I'm just putting this here because I honestly don't know what to do anymore. These bugs are annoying as hell and sometimes ruin my workflow, and the lack of acknowledgement about these issues around here is also starting to irritate me. Anyway, thanks for listening!
  6. I really like the changes made to the UI, but I would probably be able to enjoy them more if it wasn’t for the following: - So your "fix" to the constant, non-stop syncing that ignored sync interval preferences was to simply remove the sync interval preferences altogether and basically force users to live with it? Are you trying to disguise a bug you can’t fix as a feature? Cause that’s what it looks like. - I still get that annoying "waiting for sync" dialog window everytime I quit Evernote, even though all the notes are already synced up and I've set my preferences to give me no warning about active syncing upon quitting. Is that actually supposed to happen? - As a lot of other people have been reporting for a while now, sometimes the note list goes blank (usually when you switch from an empty notebook - or the empty trash bin - to another one that isn’t empty). The notes are still there and you can still click on them if you place the cursor where they should be, but they aren’t showing. - Ok, this one is REALLY annoying: Evernote suddenly "forgets" all of my preferences, including font size and display options, reverting everything back to default. Even the welcome popups you get when you open the application for the first time start popping up again. I honestly have no idea what triggers it. Sometimes it happens immediately when I open the application, sometimes it happens during sync and sometimes it happens while I’m in the middle of working on a note, but it happens often. Closing the application and re-opening usually fixes everything and returns my preferences, but something this bad shouldn’t really be happening on a GA release at all. I thought for a moment upon updating to 6.13 that it had been fixed, but now this bug has started rearing its ugly head again. Even more aggravating is that it has been reported before by other users (since the first 6.12 update, I believe, so it has survived two GA releases already) and so far you haven’t even acknowledged it as an issue that exists. This is so annoying that it’s really starting to drive me away from Evernote, which used to be my favorite application on my Mac and one that I use daily.
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