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  1. Hi guys. I am new to everenote and have two questions: 1) In Evernote, can I annotate the PDF-files, as in making dialogue text bubbles on the pdf-articles? Is there a good way to make such note taking on pdf-articles in Everenote, or should I otherwise annotate them outside of Evernote and then put them in Evernote? The pdf-files I am talking about is scientific articles, so I want to do note-taking in the margins. 2) If I have a note, can I make a "commentory note" on that note? For example, If I have a pdf-article saved in my notes, can I make a commentary note on that article so that I have "2 notes in 1 note". If I for example want to analyze the content of the article and connect those two together, I mean.. Or, do I need to make a separate note then? Do you guys have any tips for doing such commentory notes? Thanks!
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