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  1. Sadly, as it contained Clearly Visible Confidential Information, I didn't upload it, and my local copy has been deleted since I made the post. As it's since has been a update since I posted, and the previously mentioned issues still remains on this later build ( (306134) Prerelease (CE Build ce-1.30.2933)). I've created a Video here: I used NVidia's Share (Formally called Shadowplay) Feature to record, which also brings up another minor yet Visible issue. Issue 3: Prior to the latest Beta, the Green number (Which is meshed together so it Looks like a 8 w
  2. I'm running (306052) Prerelease (CE Build ce-1.30.2726) and I've encountered two issues on "Pure" Text notes. Issue 1: I'm using the Note Window as a Text box for my Nanowrimo novel Scenes. (Thanks for the points from last year, by the way.) So after I stop typing for a moment, the Context section disappears and then reappears about sixth of a second later. (I recorded video of this happening.) The Entire note is pulled down by a few lines then pushed back up during this refresh section. This is annoying as it happens when I am reading what just typed. Is
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